Pharma Diagnosis

Pharma Diagnosis is an initiative taken to provide the best and most evident information on various topics that are searched by users in their daily life. The topics that we generally concentrate are mentioned below:

  • Diseases
  • Diets
  • Food for health
  • Preventions towards various diseases
  • Health benefits
  • Guidance for better living


There are various ways by which diseases can be spread, this segregation of various diseases can be prevented by understanding what they actually are. Various types of causes are Airborne, Foodborne, Infectious, Lifestyle-based and non-communicable diseases.

Airborne Disease

This diseases spread through air, due to presence of pathogens and micro-organisms that transmit it.

Foodborne Disease

Since, consuming food is the basic nature of a human-being to survive. There are drawbacks of been infected due to food. Food that contains pathogenic bacteria, toxins, viruses, prions or parasites can cause foodborne disease or food poisoning.

For instance : Jaundice

Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases can also be called as communicable diseases. Since, the presence of pathogenic biological microorganism in an individual host results in infection, this spreads through communication. Infectious Disease are the most commonly spreading diseases, that may or may not spread through everyday contact.

For instance : Tuberculosis Gonorrhoea

Lifestyle based Disease

A lifestyle disease can be caused due to our daily way of living, through the consumption of unhealthy food such as refined carbohydrates, trans fats or alcoholic beverages. Since today’s world, as we are industrializing in a large scale, our lifestyle makes our body in-relatable to various harmful diseases.

For instance – Hypertension ( High BP )
Ischemic Heart Diseases


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