Ischemic Heart Disease – Treatment


Treatment for Ischemic Heart Disease

Change in life style to treat Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemic Heart disease can be made stable by many changes in our life style. A CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) once diagnosed, the patient must stop smoking immediately. This will help the patient to calm his/her health and avoid it for further spreading.

We all know that been diagnosed with any disease related to heart, we search for medication that avoids serums, injections or tablets. We at pharmadiagnosis supports for healthy way to cure any such disease.

It’s better to avoid medications highly because, our health gets addicted to taking the dosage and may result in more in-take of any such medications.

Let’s first see what are the things we can do to treat Ischemic Heart Disease by changing our life style minor bit :

  • Follow up a healthy diet such as eating fruits and vegetables, which in turn may require you to avoid any oily food.
  • Go for a walk. Waking up early morning may make us feel lazy, but a early morning walk will get you a refreshing lifestyle. It’s been proven that the oxygen in-take while walking is more than just sitting at a place. Additionally, when we have an “early-morning” walk, it makes it the oxygen consumption been less polluted.
  • Stop smoking, this may be a difficult part. If you are a non-smoker, then you are already at a plus point. But seriously, just stop smoking, the major reason behind suggesting the patient to go for an early morning walk is to having pure-oxygen consumed. Now, in controversially to this, smoking may make it worse.

Medications to treat Ischemic Coronary Disease

As I said you, changing in life-style may make it easy for the patient to control Ischemic Heart disease and the effects that may worsen the health. Let us now understand what are the medications that are suggested for curing it from roots.

  •  Aspirin – Aspirin’s main purpose is to act as a blood thinner to avoid blockage of arteries that are majorly effected in the treatment of IHD. At one hand, you may take an aspirin on daily purpose, but that’s not idle for every patient. Consult your doctor who diagnosed you with IHD, and ask them Is it fine for you consuming aspirin on daily basis. (A low dose aspirin would do the work)
  • Take some medications that would help you decrease cholesterol. We all know cholesterol may accumulate tons of primary material that deposits on the coronary arteries which are majorly effected. (Avoid consuming oily food)
  • Prasugrel, Ticagrelor, Rivaroxaban are few of the other medications that may help you medicinally cure your Ischemic/Coronary Heart Disease.

 Treatments to cure Ischemic Heart Disease

Coronary Angioplasty

It is also known as PCI, which abbreviates for Percutaneous coronary intervention. Let us first understand what Angioplasty is. Angioplasty related to heart starts with providing medication to relax the patient blood pressure which may be cardiac catheterization. With the help of anesthesia the doctor may numb where the catheter will go. A thin plastic tube which is called as sheath is inserted. Following the sheath, a long, narrow, hollow tube called a catheter is passed through.

If you ask me, What is Angioplasty do to cure Coronary Artery Disease? The answer is simple, the treatment opens the blocked artery and may help in curing Coronary heart disease. Once after the treatment, follow the steps that were told at the starting of the article.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

It is a type of surgery that improves the blood flow to the heart. The surgery may usually take 3-5 hours depending on the number of arteries that are blocked. Similar to angioplasty that was mentioned above, you will be first given anesthesia, which will numb the area that is going to be treated. MIDCAB procedure is used when only one or two coronary arteries needs to be bypassed. A series of small incisions are made between ribs near left side of the chest which may be directly above the artery that is going to be bypassed. The incisions usually are about 3 inches long. The left internal mammary artery most often is used for graft.

For both the treatments above hospital recovery time is not more than 2 days. Follow the healthy tips given above. Click here to read them and scroll up.

Let’s have a healthy life style and avoid getting any health defecting causes. Thank you for reading this article on Ischemic heart disease treatment.

Treatment for Ischemia : The basic known fact is to have a proper diet and a procedure towards making the blockage open through medicines or subjective machines. Medicines and proper diet will not be an immediate solution but is preferable for longer relief.

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