Narendra Modi Speech – Briefing – 24th March 2020


Narendra Modi Speech Briefing in English – 24th March, 2020.

Narendra Modi requested for a “Janta curfew” on 22nd March, 2020. For sake of a nation and for the growth and safety of it, all the citizens of the country with all patience, responsibility gave their contribution. Children, Senior citizens, small and big, poor, middle and upper class, each one came together in this hour of crisis. Janta curfew was made successful by each Indian. India, with this one day of Janta Curfew, showed that when the country and humanity is faced with a crisis, all Indians come together to combat it. You all need to admired for the Janta Curfew. You are hearing and watching the world wide Situation arising from the corona pandemic in the news. You are also seeing how the most empowered nations have became helpless in the face of this pandemic. It’s not that these nations are not making efforts or lack resources but the corona virus is spreading so rapidly, that despite all their efforts the challenge is increasing.

I request for social distancing, since this is the only option to get away from Corona Virus. There is no other way to stop this except stopping the cycle of spreading of this disease. It is now mandatory to stop this cycle. Few people assuming that, social distancing is just for people with medical history or people suffering. But, it’s is wrong assumption. Social distancing is required for all people to avoid COVID-19. Social distancing against COVID-19 is for every citizen, every family and for every member of the family, including the prime minister himself. Due to negligence of some people and because of their wrong thought it may get your family in urge of Corona virus.

What is social distancing?

Been 1-1.5 meter away from anyone coughing or sneezing.

In the last 1 week, many states have announced lock down all over the country. Health sectors experts and the experience of other countries, it’s now clear to take a very important decision today.


To save India and every Indian there will be a total ban on venturing out of your homes. Every state, every Union territory, every district, every village and every locality is being put under a lock down. It is a type of Curfew, but one step ahead and strict than “Janta Curfew”. This is an essential step in this decisive battle against the Corona Pandemic.

The prime minister, Narendra Modi, requests you to remain where ever you are in this country. In view of the current situation, the lock down shall be enforced for 21 days (I.e 3 weeks). The coming 3 weeks are really crucial and important for each family and individual. As per health experts, a minimum of 21 days is most crucial to break the cycle of infection. If we are not able to manage this pandemic in the next 21 days, then country and your family will be setback by 21 years. If we are not able to manage the next 21 days, then many families will be destroyed for ever. Therefore for a few days, forget about venturing out. Stay at home, do just one thing for next 21 days, stay at home. Even one step outside your home, may bring CORONA VIRUS/COVID-19 inside your home affecting all your family and loved ones.

If a person is effected from Corona Virus, then for some days, no one, even the person himself/herself do not realize about getting caught by the virus. The symptoms are felt later. As per experts, if today one acquires Corona Virus, it may take many-many days for it to exhibit its signs of been tackled by Corona Virus. Once the virus is caught, it can spread to hundreds and thousands of people within weeks and days. It spreads like fire.


According to World Health Organization, the number of days it took to reach one lakh case was 67 days, after that in only 11 days 1 lakh new people added to this list, that means total of 2 lakh cases all over the world and from 2 lakh effected people to 3 lakh effected people it took 4 days.


Remember one thing, the health services in countries like Italy and USA are considered to be the best. Inspite of this, these countries couldn’t mitigate the impact of Corona Virus.

What is the solution or alternative against Corona Virus?

By observing the steps taken by the effected countries. We can come to a conclusion that, for weeks and weeks, the citizens of those effected countries didn’t come outside their home, and 100% population followed the directions given by the government. That is why they are moving towards coming out of this Corona Pandemic.

  • Keep social distance.
  • Follow the rules and regulations implemented by government.

Even we should believe that this is the only way forward, to stay inside our home. No matter what, we should stay at home. Social distancing from the prime minister to the normal citizen everyone should follow it. We should break the chain of spreading of this virus. India is now on that stage, where, our today’s action will take decision of how much we can reduce this disaster. It’s time to show patience at every step. You have to remember that, when there is life there is hope. This is the time for patience and discipline.

Steps taken by government against Corona Virus

For taking care of patients tangling Corona virus and to increase the health facilities of health infrastructure, the central government has made an allocation of 15,000 crore rupees. Facilities like personal protection equipment, isolation wards, ICU beds, ventilators and other essential equipment will be increased rapidly. Along with this, training of medical and paramedical manpower will be taken care of. The state governments first priority will be only and only health services. Not just the government, but even the private sector is now standing with the people of this country, private hospitals and private labs are coming forward to work this government. But remember, to be aware of the rumors and fake news. So, its been requested by the government to be safe from all the fake news. It is necessary that the suggestions and directions given by Central government, state government and medical fraternity is followed. If you suffer from any symptoms or signs of Corona, then please to any take any medicine, without taking prescription from doctors. Any such carelessness, can put your life to more extreme danger.


Please follow the 21 days lock down, it is surely a long time indeed, but it is important for your safety and for safety for your family people. Take care of yourself and the people near and dear to you. Please, have patience and be determined to fight against this Corona Pandemic.

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