World TB day 2020 Theme (Tuberculosis)


World TB Day 2020 Theme (Tuberculosis)

It’s a day celebrated because of Dr. Robert Koch. The World TB day theme 2020, selected is a global decision and includes acceptance of all the countries intimated by WHO.

World TB Day 2020 Theme for this year is “It’s time”. (Tuberculosis)

World tb day 2020 theme
World TB Day 2020 Theme

We all know Tuberculosis, is been a threatening issue all over the world. It’s been hugely spreading, since it caused by air-borne organisms and is highly contagious. It’s been observed that 1/3rd population of the world have latent tuberculosis, which simply means, if not taken care, they can develop higher stages and get ill. A person who is been treated with tuberculosis has to be conscious towards hygiene. Since, with closer contacts it will spread over. We have to make sure to prevent this spreading rather than curing it later. World TB Day 2020 theme is for showing the urgency to start awaking.

Information about World TB Day 2020 Theme:

We all now know, how dangerous tuberculosis can be against life. That’s why, it is now time to start spreading awareness towards getting rid of this heavy death causing disease. World TB Day 2020 theme of this year, which is “It’s time”, explains the urge towards taking some actions against tuberculosis. It’s time for the leaders around world to take decisions for tuberculosis.

WHO (World health organization) has taken a step towards treating tuberculosis, which is Find, treat, all and End TB.
This simply means, we have to find and start awaring people about the complications they may face about tuberculosis when they do not take any action towards it. Treating of tuberculosis may cost more, that’s why the national funds, and international funds for disease especially authorized for “tuberculosis” will help towards treating people who are financially poor. All means, poor, rich, all caste, creed and religion, none is going to be left behind.

Now, about the main thing.

When is World TB Day 2020?

The world TB day 2020 (tuberculosis) is going to be held on March 24, 2020. It’s been an annual event when Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery about “Mycobacterium tuberculosis” in 1882. It is the bacteria that causes Tuberculosis.

What is World TB day 2020 theme?

The theme for this year is “It’s time”.

world tb day 2020 theme
World TB Day 2020 Theme

How can we end up tuberculosis and make our world tuberculosis free world? (World TB Day 2020 theme)

Following the things that were explained about, it’s better to find, aware, and start treating the disease and get it voided from roots. Tuberculosis isn’t a disease which may be hereditary, or a disease caused sitting at home isolated. It’s a disease that spreads through contact, and by negligence of been at unhygienic places.

If a person is diagnosed with latent tuberculosis, that person must start taking treatment at the initial stage itself, this will cause better health towards been protected from been treated with higher treatments later. The expenditure of curing fully developed tuberculosis may be a fortune. Finally, if a person have been taking medications for tuberculosis, (s)he must be aware of preventing it from spreading. This will keep people around them safe.

Let’s celebrate World tuberculosis day with a greater heart and treat people who are suffering with the disease. They are humans and they have emotions, it’s our responsibility to understand their pain and endure them. Educating people with the harmful impact of tuberculosis and many such diseases just brings up the humanity to become a part for a greater cause. Donate generously towards funds which have extended their help towards such causes.

Here are some images to promote World Tuberculosis Day 2020 Theme

World TB day 2020 theme
World TB day 2020 theme – 1
World TB day 2020 theme
World TB day 2020 theme – 2

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